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    The first modern Hellenic Temple! In Thessaloniki, Makedonia!

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The first modern Hellenic Temple! In Thessaloniki, Makedonia!

Posted by Prometheas Pyrphoros on 2009-01-09

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Opening estaplishment ceremony of the Temple – many photos (July 2009)

Celebrated ceremony of the Autumn Equinox (September 2012)

This article was written in February 2009.

From July 2009, the church operates normally, events take place and is open to visitors.

The first modern Hellenic Temple has almost been built (photo) and soon, the official ceremony will be done. Dedicated to the Gods and to our Greek ancestors, delivered to the admiration of every individual that honors the Greek wisdom and basic and moral principles, dominate inside a green environment with virgin vegetation.


The Hellenic Temple of the Hellenes is built at the area of Oreokastro (“Beautiful castle” in English), few kilometers outside Thessaloniki. It is located in a big and green private place and neighbours on a small forest with virgin vegetation (of the same property), near a small river full of trees.


photo: January 2009

Inside this small forest, on a small flat within the wild vegetation, dominates the marble statue of Hera, whereas at the path between the trees, while the visitor walks, is able to see the ceramic resemblances of Heracles and Poseidon. The park is about to be decorated with more ceramic and marble statues, while the reformation works of the park with small marble paths paved with slabs (in order to become easier for the visitors to walk, because there is steep gradient in some parts of the park) and wooden constructions of benches and seats for relaxation, conversations and Greek symposiums within nature, have already been started. The works stopped (temporarily) due to the bad weather and will be continued when the weather becomes better.


At the Temple’s yard dominates the marble statue of the Goddess Demeter which weighs 2 tons. In her hands she holds sheaf of wheat.


At the same space is placed the marble statue of Aphrodite (weighs 1,5 tons, right photo). In this case was preferred the depiction of the statue of the Aphrodite of Milos (Venus de Milo) as it is survived nowadays.

Marble statue, is also the statue of the Kourotrofos Artemis (as the Goddess who protects the infants, left photo) who holds 3 cute little children, while at the center dominates the marble complex of the Charites (below photo).



Left: Goddess Themis, at the internal of the Temple. She has her eyes blindfolded, holds the balance with her left hand and the sword with her right hand. Right: You can see Trofos at the yard of the Temple. She holds a vessel from which flows the nectar. Bronze statues.

Bronze is the statue of Trofos, 1,90m high. A beautiful young woman that holds a vessel from which flows, symbolically, the nectar. At the yard, there are apophthegms of the ancient Greek wisdom and basic and moral principles, like the «Gnothe safton» (Know thyself), «Eso egrates» (Be abstemious), «Meden Agan» (Do not exaggerate), «Metron areston» (Moderation in everything), «Eso enaretos» (Be virtuous) etc.




There are still works to be done at the yard’s space, one of which is the construction of the central altar. They will start again, as I have already said, when the weather gets better. These works and the constructions are being done manually by the owner of this huge space (inspirer and founder of the Hellenic Temple) with the voluntary help of some friends and members of Hellenic clubs that stand by his side in this work. Owner, creator and founder of the Hellenic Temple is Mr. Aristoteles Kakogeorgiou (right photo).

Aristoteles Kakogeorgiou is a veteran world class Marathoner, who has won many medals. At the same time, he is president of the Marathon Club  of  Makedonia, a club that has the responsibility of organizing 5 Marathons annually at the area of Macedonia.

Mr Kakogeorgiou did all the plans of this monumental project (for an individual) alone, summoned up all his strength and implemented the plans, working at the biggest part of this project manually. He traveled abroad in search of sculptor’s studios for the construction of expensive marble and bronze statues, sculptors who worked and completed them, according to his instructions.




The temple’s direction is from East to West, while the front part of the temple is built on a base that has stairs. It consists of a squared building surrounded by simple columns (same number/side), compact, without stripes.

The columns stand on bases and have chapiters of Ionic order.


The epistyle is compact. At the back part of the temple, the epistyle has a decoration of meanders in all of his length (some temples have had  decoration on the epistyle, like the temple of Assos). At the front of the temple the epistyle has no decoration, but  there is written at the center the ancient Greek saying “GNOTHE SAFTON” (Know yourself).



The fronton (aetoma) is based directly on the entablature. The entablature consists of the epistyle and the copestone, without metope or zoforos (frieze), as it was used to in Ionic Temples of Asia Minor.

The colors that dominate, as an imitation of ancient temples, are the red and the blue.

The system of the masonry, imitates the one of the ancient temples (ashlaring  false-ashlaring), without meaning that the size and the analogy fit exactly with the structure of the ancient constructions.

The gates are not, of course, the proper because the security of the construction was the priority. There will be built gates with wooden lining, close to the ancient model of temple-structure.


The internal of the temple is symbolically decorated with paintings that Mr. Kakogeorgiou did himself with a lot of work and love, inspired from the greek history and mythology, as well as with statues of Gods.


The most important thing in a temple is undoubtedly the altar, that will be constructed soon.

In the same space, a little further from the temple, has been constructed a big and elegant indoor space, which is well-lighted for the organization of meetings, galas, conferences, symposiums, sessions, seminaries, events etc., that promote the ancient spirit and the ancient Greek culture.


All these things we talk about don’t have commercial purpose. The temple, the surroundings, the events room etc. will have free access to the visitors, as well as all the admirers of the ancient Greek culture.

As Mr. Kakogeorgiou declared: «My intention was to create a work like this with conscientiousness and love. A home, inside of which, the Greek Gods and Heroes deserve to rest and to become a space for everyone who think according to the Greek spirit, without regard to one’s race and nationality. I took into consideration both the East and West in order to place the direction of the construction, but I didn’t follow the exact ancient models. I know the constructional weaknesses. I want to note that it is very difficult to construct a temple with the exact ancient models, because in order to achieve the exact models, it needs many and different technical groups, as well as studies from architectural offices, something that will make the cost unbearable for an individual. If I had followed the classical specifications, my financial strength would have been enough to place only the initial foundations. But for me, it was and it still is very important to exist a resemblance of a Temple. It was something spontaneous to implement an eager desire for a Hellenic Temple in Northern Greece (Makedonia)».


Mr. Aristoteles Kakogeorgiou

We should remind that the ancient temple had in many cases the form of a simple home (e.g., the early Hera’s temple in Samos, Apollo’s in Thermo of Aetolia, Eretrias’s temple, but also whatever survived in the area of Macedonia until late classics and the early Hellenistic years, like Demeter’s temple in Dion, Zeus’s temple in Florina etc.


However, it is true that the architectonical and the aesthetics knowledge is not enough for the construction of a temple, close to the classical masterpieces of our ancestors, if there isn’t the financial strength in order to realize such an architectural plan. But, instead of waiting for a possible sponsor and not do anything until then, we choose to act, even if we disappoint few of the admirers of the ancient Greek art who have high demands concern the design, but… are waiting others to take the initiative. Nowadays is more important the existence of a Temple, that can be useful as a start for even better, richer and aesthetically completed constructions. Let’s hope others will follow this example and make it even more perfect.


For all of us here in Thessaloniki, the existence of a Temple can not be judged only by its aesthetics. We think it is more important the vitality and the soul with which it will be invested. Consequently, the Temple of the Greeks and the surroundings are operational, and after the completion of the remained works and its dedication (in May approximately), it will become a place of everyday meetings of anyone who think according to the Greek spirit and admire it. It will become a place functional and alive for events, galas, ceremonies and of anything else that boosts the elevation and exposure of the perception of the ancient Greeks.

It is very important that the administration of the Municipality of Oreokastro and its citizens support this initiative and consider it as a jewel for their place.

42 Responses to “The first modern Hellenic Temple! In Thessaloniki, Makedonia!”

  1. evangelos- loukadakis said

    Mbravo synxaritiria ston aristoteli kakogeorgi geia tin idiofyeia tou na kataferi kai mas parasxi ton proton neoellinikon naon tha eithela para poli na geino proskeinitis ston xoron afton epeisis tha eithela na synisfero kai na synmparastitho meros ton eksodon pou exoun eresthe kai ymnite tous pateras ymon koitazete pros olympon kai ouxi pros golgotha geia apantisis sta provlimata sas meta ektimoiseos evangelos loukadakis.

  2. Hi, interesting post. I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for writing. I’ll probably be coming back to your site. Keep up the good posts

  3. Therapon said

    This is great to see and we’ll hopefully see more temples going up.

  4. Louis said

    This is interesting to know, I will be looking up the site more in future.

  5. evangelos- loukadakis said

    Well i said Before we should be proud and thankfull for Mr Kakogeorgis i would like to see some reaction from the press i have seen the reaction of the jehovochristianity Pushers…

  6. C.K.O. said

    Finally we are waking up after 1600 years and I hope this continues.. One of my objectives in my life is to build a Hellenic temple for Artemis and Apollo in my village in Mani, Lakonia..

  7. evangelos- loukadakis said


  8. 12-01-09

    Μπράβο δεν είναι αρκετό γιά να σας ευκράσουμε τις ευχαριστίες μας και τα συγχαρητηριά μας,και
    εννοώ από όλους τους Έλληνες που μάχοντε γιά την επανόρθωση του εγκλήματος.
    Ο ναός αυτός είμαι βέβαιος ότι θα γίνη ο φάρος του Επανελληνισμού.
    Από την Νέα Υόρκη με αδελφικούς χαιρετισμούς .

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  10. good site!

  11. Edward said

    If there is one religion on the entire planet that deserves to live, it is the extraordinary, colourful, and dramatic polytheism of Ancient Greece! What child anywhere in the world is not enthralled by the stories of the Greek gods? The thought-world of the Orthodox Christianity and Catholicism and all other world religions pale to nothing in comparison with the splendours of Hellenic Polytheism.

    May many more Greeks contribute to your cause and assist in the revival of this religion in its new contemporary form!

    Good luck and thank you!

    An Atheist.

  12. apollodorosh said

    I hope we will soon see more of these kinds of temples pop up all over the world :-) And to restart cults at the ancient ones :-D

  13. Dean Cameron said

    Your marvelous project gives us all hope… even here in the wilds of the United States!

  14. Kris Kelsey said

    What a smile thats put on my face, it would be unimaginable here in the United Kingdom. Goes to show what can be done :D

  15. cosmos said

    I wish i can have pranch in Africa Ghana.

  16. Ron McVan said

    Wonderful photo’s of your ancestral ceremony! So glad to know that your group and others are keeping our Olympian pantheon alive!

  17. But why is it so… white? None of the statues are painted. Just the blue on the temple. Is the paint not on yet?

  18. Dh. said

    As a Buddhist living in Rome, who occasionally pays homage to the spirit of the ancient gods in the Pantheon, I am very pleased to see this initiative. Julian will be smiling in his grave.

  19. A Disgruntled Scotsman said

    What’s been happening with temple more recently? Is it still open? Is it open to people who are Pagans but not Hellenics to visit?

  20. Melisa said

    Good post! We will be linking to this particularly great post on our website.
    Keep up the great writing.

  21. Leon said

    Whats up very cool web site!! Guy .. Beautiful .. Wonderful .

    . I will bookmark your site and take the feeds also? I am happy to search out so
    many useful information right here in the put up, we want work out extra techniques in this regard, thank you for sharing.
    . . . . .

  22. Manolis said

    Μπραβω, ευχάριστο νέο θέλω να έρθω μια μέρα όταν έρθω και Ελλάδα στο Ναό της Θρησκείας μου έυχομαι να δημιουργηθούν και άλλοι ναοί σε όλη την Ελλάδα και όχι μόνο

  23. Hi, I do think this is an excellent web site. I stumbledupon it ;) I’m going to return yet again since I book-marked it. Money and freedom is the greatest way to change, may you be rich and continue to help others.

  24. Ren said

    Lovely and very inspiring!!

  25. Chris said

    Greetings from Malaysia! It makes me smile that there’s a community out there working their best to reliven their ancient culture and religious traditions.You have taken the very first step of the thousand-miles journey, and may this pioneer ancient religion reconstructionism across Rome and elsewhere (I don’t like to use the word pagan – it’s negative). I may be a Taoist, but I hope to get a chance to drop by and pay my homage to the Gods the next time I come to Greece.

  26. ioana said

    Really cool, I hope it happens in my country too. Good luck and keep up the good work I am so glad people are actually doing something to be heard. I am also Hellenic, and guess how many people there are like that in my country, none. I wish I could join this religion officially, but I am really working hard on trying to make a community like that in my country, and I hope you guys are able to build more temples. Good luck!

  27. Ron Mexico said

    This has got to be the dumbest most asinine waste of money I’ve ever seen! People are losing everything they have in Greece and this guy is building monuments to a religion that disappeared over 1000 years ago! Wiping your ass with the money would be more useful than this!

  28. Farid said

    Bello templo, muy buena iniciativa digna de imitar en todos los países, para de esa forma acabar con el monoteísmo y restaurar en la medida de lo posible el politeísmo.
    Es necesario volver a la forma religiosa politeísta, con ello nos liberaríamos de la influencia espiritual judía, que es la base del poder judío y su proyecto de esclavización total del mundo.

  29. Dh. said

    Sería mejor para su salud mental dejar ese tipo de fantasía antisemita. No sabes que Sr Jose Domingo de Calle Robles 241, 00786 Barcelona es responsable para todo los problemas del mundo? ;-)

  30. TFFY cRAWFORD said

    I have found my place in Helleism. I have started a small Temple here in south Florida with several members. Id like to know of any clubs that associate with Hellenism. We wear the clothing of the ancient Greeks and pray to the Gods. Zeus lives!!!!

  31. Taffy Crawford said

    the name is Taffy Cawford.

  32. Ralf said

    Wonderful beat ! I would like to apprentice while you amend your website, how
    could i subscribe for a blog site? The account aided me a acceptable deal.
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  33. Jason said

    Hi. We are visiting Thessaloniki next month. Can you tell me how to get to this temple from downtown?

    Thank you!

  34. What’s up, for all time i used to check web site posts here in the
    early hours in the break of day, as i enjoy to gain knowledge of more and more.

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  36. Did I miss a mention of the Athena Promachos on the apex of the Roof? Brava! Best of Luck to you. Many of us here in the states are working on establishing our own physical temples to the Goddesses and Gods. You are an Inspiration. Rev. Ijereja Wendilyn Emrys, The Adyton of the Goddess, Los Angeles, California, USA

  37. JORDAN, Reinhold said

    Most honorable and encouraging achievement. Will be glad to visit this temple when I will be in Greece again.

    R. Jordan

  38. Coby said

    This is great. I hope this is the first of many.

  39. sterling collins said

    I would like to start my own branch in Tennessee. How should I go about that?

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  42. EllisCargo said

    дары крыма косметика – средство +по уходу +за бородой +и усами, мир косметики крыма

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