The top event of the ancient Greek spirit. Four-day events on Mount Olympus, July 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

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  • Dionysian procession in Prometheia

    A Dionysian procession in village Litochoron, Greece

  • The first modern Hellenic Temple

    The first modern Hellenic Temple! In Thessaloniki, Makedonia!

  • Wedding ceremonies

    Wedding ceremony of Sterianos and Penelope (photos)

  • Wedding ceremony of Ploutarchos and Heleni (photos)

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Meet highlights of Prometheia festival through the videos

Posted by Prometheas Pyrphoros on 2009-01-09


Reviving ancient Greek procession in the village Litochoron, on Mount Olympus.


Bacchic ecstasy in celebrations of Prometheia, on Mount Olympus


Naming ceremony of ancient Greek names


Hymn to the Nature (Physis) in ancient Greek language. Orphic Hymn.


Hymn to Apollo in ancient Greek language. Orphic Hymn.


Autumnal Equinox Ceremony and Ancient Greek naming ceremony


Deesis to Aphrodite in ancient Greek language (Orphic Hymn)


Therapeutical music Asclepieions with ancient Apollonian lyre. Musician performer: Apollonius (Michael Caravasilis)


Ancient species lyre: pandourida arcuate (7th century BC). Musician performer: Apollonius (Michael Caravasilis)


Ceremony after the celebrations of Prometheia, in the temple of the Hellenes.


Enipeas river, Olympus. Libation to the ancient River God Enipeas


Highlights from the events (“dromena”) of Prometheia festival


Snapshots from Prometheia Festival 2008




4 Responses to “Meet highlights of Prometheia festival through the videos”

  1. aristofilos said

    We will be there again on summer 2009!! You can find the best brains of Greek people,who want to share the knowledge, with everybody ho interested. If you want you can take a new name antcient Greek name,and you can get mmarried with an ancient Greek way,and not a judeo-Christian way. If you will come ones, you stick for ever! It’s a life time experience !!!!! I wish you good health ! – ΕΡΡΩΣΟ !!! –


    I concur Aristofilos. Last year was my first ever attendance and I have been waiting 9 months to hear of this new announcement. I feel overjoyed today. This was truly a life changing experience…See you all there Friday early evening at the majestic mountain.

  3. aristofilos said

    Bring many friends, and tell everybody to come and see ,what is to be, a really Greek praud and beauty !!!!!!

  4. freeslots said

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