The top event of the ancient Greek spirit. Four-day events on Mount Olympus, July 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

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  • Dionysian procession in Prometheia

    A Dionysian procession in village Litochoron, Greece

  • The first modern Hellenic Temple

    The first modern Hellenic Temple! In Thessaloniki, Makedonia!

  • Wedding ceremonies

    Wedding ceremony of Sterianos and Penelope (photos)

  • Wedding ceremony of Ploutarchos and Heleni (photos)

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Kaveiros – musical group in Prometheia 2008 – Video

Posted by Prometheas Pyrphoros on 2009-01-09


“Kaveiros” is a yank musical group.

The members of the musical group of Kaveiros, played and sang in Prometheia Festival 2008 the Orphic Hymns.

Orphic Hymn towards Ares. Title: Ares Anax (King Ares)

Orphic Hymn towards Nature

Orphic Hymn towards Persephoni

Orphic Hymn towards Dionysus

All those videos are from AtreidisSerapeios


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