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  • Dionysian procession in Prometheia

    A Dionysian procession in village Litochoron, Greece

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    The first modern Hellenic Temple! In Thessaloniki, Makedonia!

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    Wedding ceremony of Sterianos and Penelope (photos)

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Prometheia 2012: Dionysian procession

Posted by Prometheas Pyrphoros on 2012-07-08

A Dionysian procession

in village Litochoron, on Mount Olympus,

Macedonia, Greece.

This event takes place every year

during the annual celebrations of Prometheia

VIDEO: Reviving ancient Greek procession in the village Litochoron, on Mount Olympus.

The start of the procession…

…and the continuity of the next images


The procession is made every year, heralding the Promrtheian holidays begin to Olympus.



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  1. nice post said

    nice post…

    […]Prometheia 2012: Dionysian procession « PROMETHEIA 2012[…]…



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